Fosse Medical Centre


About our Patient Participation Group [PPG]

Our Patient Participation Group was established approximately 12 years ago at the suggestion of the partners.

Mr Nic Gavin and Mrs. Karen Gavin, who are registered patients, were approached to develop and chair a PPG. Initially recruitment was with people that Nic and Karen knew, again, registered at this Practice, but then recruitment was developed by advertising on the PPG noticeboard, the regular newsletter, within the local school and with members sitting in the waiting room during clinics to promote the PPG to patients.

This process still continues as the current representation of the group is currently with 8 committee members that are:
Male and Female, Teenage, Professionals/Retired, and disabled. The group are aware that the current demographics of the surgery (City LE3, 10,000 patients) would make representation from ethnic minorities and young parents etc. important, and as this is missing they continue to try and recruit in the ways mentioned above.

Although Nic and Karen are still active members of the PPG today, it is now chaired by Jane Rudon.

The patient participation group is another link to the surgery, the patient Participation group has been set up at Fosse Medical Centre to encourage you ‘the patient’ to share your comments, views and ideas about the services provided.

PPGs are about building relationships between patients and the practice, here are some of the many things that PPGs can do.

Talk to patients in the waiting room to get their feedback
Build 2 way relationships between patients and the practice
Raise awareness of key public health messages
Promote awareness of local health services

You can contact us by leaving a message in the box on reception or you can call Jane Rudon (Chair) on 07973254870 and talk confidentially to her. Alternatively, you can contact Jane by email on

If you are a registered patient of Fosse Medical Centre you can join our PPG to help your surgery to improve.