Fosse Medical Centre

Non NHS Services

Charges for private work

Doctors regulary receive requests from patients for letters and medical reports. This type of work is classed as private work and the GPs are not reimbursed by the NHS for doing this.

The Partners and Doctors at the surgery are happy to carry out this service for our patients and would like to inform patients that there will be a charge. The list below is not exhaustive but given as an indication of the charges included. 

Certificate of fact£18.00
Sickness/Accident insurance formPer form£30.00 – £63.00
Private sick notesEach£18.00
Fitness to travel letterPer letter£63.00
Sport fitness examination and certificate£133.00
HGV medical£149.99
BUPA/PPP claim verification£30.00 – £63.00
Vaccination certificates£18.00
Holiday cancellation insurance claim certificate£63.00
Private prescription£18.00
Copy medical certificates£18.00
Road traffic accident (claim form)£21.30
Insurance forms£104.00
Supplementary insurance forms£27.00